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Top-notch consultants

Our Doctor panel is distinguished and well known in their respective specialities. They have great respect in the medical community.

Value for time

Value for time

Time is life for patients at the crossroad. We understand your situation and provide timely access to the right advice for an informed decision.

Deep knowledge

Deep knowledge

We are a team having people who have excelled and enriched in medical as well as healthcare ecosystem. We have value for Your health and happiness.


UHAPO is very intuitive and designed, keeping the user in mind. Every step, every process speaks quality, clarity, and ease-of-use. From appointments to a consultation to getting advice- it’s a seamless journey.



We become what we are majorly because of the ecosystem where we live in. Uhapo provides an ecosystem where patients not only connect with someone like them, they also get information about various NGOs for their financial and non financial needs and relevant information about state and central govt schemes for critical illnesses. These institutions and schemes are verified by us.

Health schemes

Health schemes are the main types of financing arrangements through which people can get access to health care.


Non governmental Organizations (NGOs) provide valuable resources, tools and funding for patients.

What our doctors say

"I see hundreds of patients reaching to me and other Super Specialists in late stage of the disease and one of the biggest reason is that patients don’t have easy access to super specialists, most of the time. I’m sure uhapo is doing a great job in connecting patients with right doctor at right time. I wish them all the best!!"
A renowned Nephrologist in India
"When someone comes to know about his/ her critical illness, it’s very obvious that they are in shock and initially, many of such patients refuse to accept the fact. Uhapo gives an opportunity to such patients to take a second opinion and also connect with communities available for moral and financial support and that’s really unique."
A top notch Oncologist in India
"I empathize with patients who have to travel from one end to another not only for consultation even for a routine follow up which actually is a big loss to them time wise and money wise both. I’m happy that my patients are finding it easy and convenient to do routine follow ups on Uhapo."
An experienced Hematologist